K.City Packaging

K.City Packaging

K.City Packaging – Based in Kansas City, is dedicated to the manufacture, sale, distribution, and commercialization of packaging and plastic products in all its facets.

K.City Packaging Group is characterized by being a young company in constant growth, with a highly qualified and expert team in the packaging sector. We develop and implement any type of need to offer a wide range of products and solutions adapted to each client. K.City Packaging Group operates in all industry sectors: construction, metallurgy, electronics … 

  • Materials for promotion and advertising
  • Packaging parts for industry
  • Materials composed of different foams
  • Polyethylene profiles
  • Post stickers
  • Filler material (square, etc …)
  • Bubble and foam bags
  • Skirting board for underfloor heating
  • Impact noise insulation sheet for construction

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