External Factors That Can Damage The Paint Of A Car

Automotive refinishing work fixes a wide range of defects in a car’s paint. Correcting them and avoiding errors in the process using the best products is the primary objective; however, little is said about those factors that, over time, can damage it again.

That being said, it is convenient to return to some of those external factors that spoil a good repainting job.

Some examples are:

  • UV rays. A car that is constantly exposed to the sun directly or indirectly, at some point will present defects in the paint such as; loss of gloss, color variation, and paint corrosion.
  • Bird feces. Due to their chemical composition, when they are not cleaned immediately, they can cause corrosion or discoloration in the paint.
  • Chemicals misused. Such as brake fluids or lacquers, components that if they fall on the surface of the car can damage the paint.
  • The resin of the trees. Secretions that can fall on the surface and generate stains that are very difficult to remove, since they are generally very sticky.
  • Lack of cleanliness. Of course, this is one of the most influential factors, since dirt particles that are not removed in time can greatly damage the paint of a car.

Preventing these external factors from influencing is simple: you should only follow the recommendations of the master painter to prevent them from appearing.

However, there are a number of reasons why these practices cannot be fully adhered to, so your shop must be prepared to efficiently troubleshoot these issues.

How to solve these defects in an agile way?

  • The first thing: identify what caused the damage (the possible external factor).
  • The second thing: devise an action plan, that is, identify the type of finish that the car has, the original color, and from there, determine what will be the process to correct the damaged area.
  • The third: use high-quality materials and paints. The car repair expert should combine that with expertise, which will make it easy to fix the damage.
  • The fourth: It is recommended to polish once has repainted the unit, this could be at 24 or 36 hours and apply a wax to protect the paint against environmental pollutants and wax your car every 3 months or every change of season of the year to keep the painting in perfect condition.
  • The fifth: to recommend the importance of keeping in good condition paint, washing the car with enough clean water, do not wash them to beam the sun, and not using chemicals that are not suitable for cleaning, because the end is an investment they make and hope can last and pay off.

If your car paint has been damaged by any external factors, a reliable car bumper repair company like  Speedy Bumper Repair in San Diego California can sort you out at any time.